Never stop learning

We aim to innovate medical education and make it available for everyone

A Little Bit About Us...

We are a team of creative and ambitious learners striving to improve the quality of online medical education by creating videos and animations
available for everyone!

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Together we can make a difference.

What can you expect from CoMaster?

We plan to create videos for all medical internships that cover a wide range of topics, free of charge.

In the future, look out for our resident level medical content and coach training programs.

Who can benefit from these videos?

Anyone interested in upgrading their basic medical knowledge (master level) and gaining more experience in clinical reasoning.

Preparation for internships is key and we've got your back!

Who creates the content?

Our team of doctors, residents, nurses and students create all medical content and scripts, following a very strict three-stage review process.

Also, our main partner Compendium Geneeskunde has built an archive of knowledge we can work with.
They're awesome!

Who creates the videos?

We are lucky to be working with our own professional filmcrew and together we have built our creative concept around the medical content.

With the support of our second creative partners at Phil & Flo we add animated storytelling to the videos. We make an amazing team!